In 1968, while on vacation in Yugoslavia, Dr. Vaclav Vojta and his family discovered that the Soviet Union had invaded their home country of Czechoslovakia...again. The chose to not return home and instead flee to Germany, leaving everything behind including their home, their community and Dr. Vojta's practice. In Cologne he was able to continue his work, predominantly treating children who suffered from mobility disorders such as scoliosis and cerebral palsy. His methods were unconventional and required the blind trust from the parents, often through the painful responses of their children. Regardless of the fact that he was often met with skepticism by both parents and the scientific community, Dr. Vojta continued to refine his methods and treat the debilitated. His methods are still used to this day and have helped treat thousands upon thousands around the world, both young and old.

Agency - Y&R Prague
Production - Boogie Films
Directed by Dan DiFelice
Cinematographer Steve Annis
Production Designer Henry Boraros
Original Score by Luke Atencio
Colorist Tom Poole, CO3
Sound Design Adrian Aurelius, d4zed
Edit Filip Malasek